[Data Update] West Coast fishing closure data sets now available

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, and Marine Cadastre are pleased to announce the release of new, unique regional data sets representing areas of the West Coast closed to commercial and recreational fishing by state and federal agencies. The data provides the spatial footprint and name of the closure, regulated species and gears, seasonality and review interval, regulatory agency, and relevant regulations. While these data are not intended for regulatory purposes they do provide a picture of impacts to the commercial and recreational fishing industries as the region plans for new ocean uses.

These data are available now as downloadable GIS packages and as web mapping services, both with complete metadata. You can access the data through the West Coast Ocean Data Portal, Marine Cadastre, and BOEM websites and the links below.

GIS Data Package

Web Services

We hope to improve the comprehensiveness and usability of these data sets over time. Please let us know how you are using them and how they can be improved.

You can explore the West Coast Ocean Data Portal at http://portal.westcoastoceans.org. If you wish to learn more, provide feedback, or contribute your data to the Portal, please contact the WCODP Coordinator, Todd Hallenbeck (Todd.r.hallenbeck@Westcoastoceans.org).