COINAtlantic Webinar on Catalog Service on the Web (CSW), Semantics and Ontologies

A cool training webinar will be held May 21st, 2014 from 1:00-5:00pm ADT. (That’s 5am – 9am for us West Coast folks). These technologies and approaches are increasing the interoperability and discoverability of data and are techniques the WCODP has been promoting. 

Dr. Yassine Lassoued, University College Cork, Ireland, Dr. Jean Brodeur, Natural Resources Canada, Dr. Arnaud  Vandecasteele, Memorial University,
and Mr. Jeff McKenna, Gateway Geomatics will lead a Webinar on the *Open Geospatial Consortium’s standard Catalog Service on the Web and the
development and use of semantic engines and ontologies* to support multiple catalog queries. This workshop will be of interest to developers of
metadata catalogs and catalog search applications.

*To register for this Webinar, send an email to Andrew Sherin, Director ACZISC Secretariat at <> with the subject
heading CSW webinar*.