[News and Events] Building an ocean data community

The West Coast Ocean Data Network meeting this week was a huge success! We had a productive two days exploring the West Coast Ocean Data Portal, learning about easy data sharing techniques, charting a strategic path for the Portal and the Network, and most importantly, building and strengthening our ocean data community.

While we are pulling together our training materials and meeting summary, We are encouraging everyone to take a few minutes to complete the following User Feedback surveys. These surveys will give our development team much needed input on how we can improve the Portal experience and value.

Catalog Survey: http://goo.gl/ZfrCaS

Viewer Survey: http://goo.gl/7MUNAe

Network Survey: http://goo.gl/WhlQdc

Please also visit our Network page (Network.westcoastoceans.org) and register to join the community to stay engaged.

Thanks again and I hope you continue to stay engaged as we build this community together!