[News and Events] WCODP Launches New Communication Tools

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal team is pleased to announce the launch of a communication platform for the WCODN (Network.westcoastoceans.org). This enhancement will provide our community a new way to engage in Portal development, connect with one another, and stay up to date on news and events. We are actively soliciting contributions from Network partners for user stories, news and events you would like to highlight, and contributor profiles – Let us know if you have a story to tell! Please visit the site, register, and engage with us in this new capacity!

Also, please register for the upcoming West Coast Ocean Data Network meeting Nov. 3-4, 2014 in Costa Mesa, CA.We will be conducting trainings and demos, discussing recent enhancements to the WCODP, and charting our path forward for the coming year. Visit westcoastoceandatanetwork.eventbrite.com to register and, if needed, apply for travel assistance. The deadline for applicants looking for travel assistance is Oct. 1st. Registration will close Oct. 30th. We hope to see you there!