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    Hey all, thanks to those who were able to join the outreach call today. We discussed and provided feedback on an outreach infographic we are developing (with help from BOEM graphic designers) to help convey the hierarchy of data systems on the west coast and highlight the unique role the WCODP plays in this “Ecosystem of data”. The graphic will be used in outreach to west coast leadership, network partners, and funders in coming months.

    Please see the linked image file and let me know if you have feedback on the language used in top text boxes or the graphic representation of the systems. You can review the feedback we recieved on the call below.

    Separate the geographic map from the data flow diagram, we will focus on map for now.
    Add “Ecosystem of Data” Title
    We should go back to tribes being represented at dots
    SCOOS should be SCCOOS (two ‘c’s) and moved closer to san diego
    Move ca bubble closer to sacramento, wa to olympia, or to salem – approximately
    WCODP needs to be bigger and “pop out” more (ive included our dark logo in case you want to use this instead of the color one.
    Color scheme is good in terms of using our “branding colors” but should use bright outer ring, with neutral white inner circle and dark text
    Remove State Shoreline text and remove red EEZ line
    Play with arrangement of text boxes (maybe move to the bottom) so that they compliment the circles but don’t compete for space with the title text
    Text for federal should include “Develop authoritative, national datasets, archive and preserve information, and inform the National Ocean Policy”.
    Text for tribal should include “Develop tribal science and traditional ecological knowledge to support tribal resource management.”
    Text for regional should include “Curate, synthesize, and visualize data and tools to inform regional ocean health priorities and planning