Portal Coordination Call – November 2017

This call took place on November 7th, 2017 and primarily focused on preparation for the upcoming West Coast Regional Planning Body Meeting where the WCDP will be presented in both open and closed sessions.  Additional preparation calls were scheduled for –

  • Monday Nov 13th, 9-10am
  • Monday Nov 20th, 3-4pm
  • Monday Nov 27th, 2-3pm

The goals of the portal presentation at the RPB were discussed by the group.

Thank you for all who attended this meeting:  Andy L., Steve S., Deanna C., Kate Sullivan, Tanya H., Allison B., Bridgette L., Sara G., Joel S., Melissa R., Frank

A PDF of the presentation from this meeting can be viewed at the following link-    WCODP_PortalCoordinationCall_11072017