[WCODP ACT] – Coordination Calls: August and September 2016

The WCODP ACT had their monthly coordination calls on August 2nd and September 20, 2016.   The group is focused on preparing for the upcoming meetings for the West Coast Regional Planning Body (RPB) and the West Coast Ocean Partnership (WCOP) in Portland, OR.    The RPB meeting is on Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 27.  The WCOP meeting is on Tuesday, October 25.

The WCODP co-leads, Andy Lanier and Steve Steinberg, as well as Allison Bailey will be giving an hour long presentation about the WCODP capabilities and potential at both meetings.   In August, the ACT came to consensus on the storylines for our story maps to highlight two key issues for these meetings, Changing Ocean Uses, specifically Marine Renewable Energy, (for the RPB) and Changing Ocean Conditions (for the WCOP). In September, the ACT reviewed and approved a preliminary outline for our presentation at these meetings as well as draft story boards for the regional stories.

Updates from the Working Groups:

The Outreach working group has been working hard to pull together content and materials for the story maps.

The IT working group reviewed and recommended several technologies for telling regional stories.   At the September meeting, it was decided that the ESRI Story Map platform would be used because of the short time frame until the meetings and the minimal infrastructure and/or web development needed on the WCODP side.

The Data working group assisted with developing the data list for the story maps.   In September, it was announced that Jennifer Patterson is moving onto a new job with NOAA.  (Congrats Jenn!).  So, that leaves the group without a lead at the moment, but Steve and Andy will help to step into the void for the moment.

Here are the full call notes for August and September.