Call for Participation

West Coast Ocean Data Network Members, Friends, and Colleagues,

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal (WCODP) is embarking on a new chapter and we invite you to participate with us.

Thanks to the incredible groundwork that has been laid by our former coordinator, Todd Hallenbeck, and the volunteer efforts of the WCODP co-leads, Andy Lanier and Steve Steinberg, the Working Groups, and the West Coast Ocean Data Network, the West Coast Ocean Data Portal has been recognized as an essential resource for coast-wide and regional marine planning on the West Coast.

The WCODP will be directly supporting the West Coast Regional Planning Body (RPB) as it moves forward to identify high priority marine planning issues and sub-regions to focus planning on key issues within the larger coast wide context.

Now is a great time for you to get involved to help highlight the valuable role of the Network and showcase the relevance and utility of the Portal to marine planning in the West Coast.    We are currently focused on creating regional stories for the RPB that will present relevant data sets from the Portal in a user-friendly format.  The stories we are developing are focused on changing ocean uses, changing ocean conditions, and existing marine planning efforts along the west coast.  See our recommendations document for more information about our proposed work.

We are seeking help from individuals with both technical and non-technical backgrounds, with interest in the development of regional ocean stories.  Please join us at this critical time for the WCODP and help craft these regional stories with us.

You can download or share this “Call to Action” here.