[News and Events] Happy holidays from the West Coast Ocean Data Network

Hello West Coast Ocean Data Network, I hope everyone is staying safe and warm as storms batter our coast! As we wrap up the year there are a lot of accomplishments that we can look back on. From the amazing oceanographic data products created by our Sea Grant Fellow Laura Lilly, to our Network meeting in November, and the launch of the data visualization tools now in the Portal – it has been a big year for the West Coast Ocean Data Network and that is because of all of your support and contributions. We hope to do even more in the coming year with your help. Please see below for some last announcements and action items of 2014.

Portal User Feedback Surveys

We are still seeking feedback on the Catalog, Viewer, and Networking tools to help us improve their use and functionality. If you have 5 minutes, please complete and share the following surveys with colleagues before Dec. 15.

  1. Catalog Survey
  2. Viewer Survey
  3. Network Survey

Working Groups

In the interest of expanding membership and leadership of the working groups we are advertising the upcoming meetings of the Data and Outreach working groups next week. The Data working group will be prioritizing data for funded development based on Network (your!) needs and the Outreach working group will be helping craft our messaging for the upcoming Ocean Summit. The Outreach call is 12/17 at 1pm and the Data call is 12/18 at 3pm. You find out all the details and call info on our Calendar page.

Network meeting Proceedings

Our Network meeting was a huge success in shaping our strategy for the coming year. You can read the full proceedings and get access to all the presentations here.


You can visit the West Coast Ocean Data Portal at http://portal.westcoastoceans.org. If you wish to learn more or contribute your data to the Portal, please contact Todd Hallenbeck (Todd.r.hallenbeck@Westcoastoceans.org).