[Working Groups] IT, Data, and Outreach Working Group Calls – April 2016

The IT, Data, and Outreach working groups all conducted their monthly calls during the last week of April.

The West Coast RPB recommendations provide a new set of tasks to focus the energy of the working groups.  However, with the recent departure of the Portal coordinator, there has also been a bit of re-grouping.

The current working group leads are:

  • IT Working Group: Tanya Haddad, Oregon Coastal Management Program
  • Data Working Group: Jennifer Patterson, CenCOOS
  • Outreach Working Group: Sara Guiltinan, BOEM

A big thank you to our working group leads for stepping up to help with the RPB and on-going working group coordination tasks.

Following is a summary of the current activities of the working groups as discussed in the April meetings:

IT Working Group:

  • Assist with scoping of technical connections to three top priority data catalogs
    • Washington Marine Spatial Planning Data Catalog
    • NOAA, FRAM Data Warehouse
    • NOAA, NCCOS Data Catalog
  • Evaluate and recommend infrastructure/platform options for hosting RPB regional stories

Data Working Group:

  • Prioritize data from three top priority data catalogs
  • Establish list of data in WCODP that can support RPB regional stories

Outreach Working Group:

  • Outline RPB regional ocean stories
  • Review other portals examples or regional ocean stories (NROC, MARCO)
  • Contribute to list of key data sets for these regional stories