[Working Groups] Monthly Data Call – Oct. 22, 2015

The Data Working Group met today to discuss our recent Moore Grant aimed at developing data sets to support the Regional Planning Body. The first steps of which are refining our West Coast data priorities list (see action item below). Additionally, we updated the group on our data publication schedule and recent additions to the WCODP data catalog. You can read the full call notes here. 

If you have interest in helping us refine our data priorities list, please follow the link below to contribute knowledge about available data resources for priority data themes. These will be refined over the coming months and we will develop synthesized regional data sets from the highest priorities.

Data Priorities – Please review the data priorities doc and update the ‘existing resources’ fields with information on organizations and projects that pertain to data themes. If a resource has not been added that you know about, please add a row and fill it out accordingly. This will greatly help us refine this list with feedback from the RPB. Due Nov. 13th.
The next data working group call will be held Nov. 19 at 2pm.