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[WCODP ACT] Monthly Call – June 18 2015

The WCODP ACT met yesterday and was able to provide feedback and make decisions related to our regional data development project (including our kelp, fishery closures, and littoral cells layers), discuss two funding opportunities, develop and refine messaging for the West Coast Ocean Partnership Strategic Planning Meeting, and solicit a new working group leader. You can read call notes here.

[WCODP ACT] Monthly Call, May 18th, 2015

The WCODP ACT met today to discuss the development of the Portal and Network. There were a lot of updates related to the emerging regional ocean partnership and regional planning body, discussion about funding contingencies and opportunities, and updates on grant work. You can read the call notes here.

[WCODP ACT] ACT Monthly Call – March 3, 2015

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal Action Coordination Team (WCODP ACT) serves as the leadership for the Portal and Network. The ACT met today and “kicked off” the data development project, discussed our ongoing technical assistance work to Network partners, discussed upcoming outreach opportunities, and identified a group to continue our funding contingency planning. You can read the full call notes here.

[WCODP ACT] Monthly Call – May 6, 2014

The WCODP ACT is the steering committee that is guiding the development and progress of the WCODP as well as providing a point of connection back to the WCGA Executive Committee. The group met today to make decisions about a new funding opportunity, provide feedback on new Network communication tools, and discuss ongoing grant work. The group decided that among the many different projects we could support with new funding, the most important work to fund is the development of regional data products that would be Continue reading →