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[Working Groups] Outreach Working Group Call – July 6, 2016

The outreach working group met on July 6th.  They discussed the regional stories that will be developed for the RPB and to present at the RPB meeting in October.  They group reviewed existing data resources in the Portal a web-based technology/platform review conducted by the IT Working Group examples of other regions’ stories and related websites Detailed call notes are available here. Next meeting is August 3, and future meetings are scheduled for first Monday of the month.

[Working Groups] IT, Data, and Outreach Working Group Calls – April 2016

The IT, Data, and Outreach working groups all conducted their monthly calls during the last week of April. The West Coast RPB recommendations provide a new set of tasks to focus the energy of the working groups.  However, with the recent departure of the Portal coordinator, there has also been a bit of re-grouping. The current working group leads are: IT Working Group: Tanya Haddad, Oregon Coastal Management Program Data Working Group: Jennifer Patterson, CenCOOS Outreach Working Group: Sara Guiltinan, BOEM A big thank you to our working group Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Outreach Monthly Call – Oct. 29, 2015

The Outreach Working Group met today to discuss upcoming funded work, outreach materials for sub-regional RPB meetings, and the role of the WCODP in supporting regional and sub regional marine planning activities (see below). You can read the full call notes here.  For the role discussion, the working group members focused on setting some examples of how we could support marine planning in the region. These included highlighting roles of our Network as well as those of our Infrastructure. As we learn more about the identification of Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Outreach Call Dec. 17, 2014

The Outreach Working Group met on Wednesday to identify workplan tasks that emerged at the Network meeting, finalize the Data Viewer launch announcement, discuss messaging for the Ocean Summit, and identify outreach opportunities within the marine debris community. You can read full call notes here. For those off you who were unable to join, please review the notes and let me know if you have any feedback on the ocean summit messaging or the marine debris community outreach. If you have not already, please register with Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Outreach Call – Sept. 25, 2014

The Outreach Working Group met to discuss the data viewer UI and integration with the existing Portal website. We developed a few “debris stories” that could be shared with the Marine Debris Use Case team as we prepare to launch the data viewer and conduct outreach abotu the utility of the tool. In the context, of marine debris, stories about the impact of tsunami debris, effectiveness of bag bans, debris concentrations, and cleanup gaps all were interesting and engaging ways to portray the data. The Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Outreach Call – Aug. 27, 2014

Hey all, thanks to those who could join today. We had a good discussion about the upcoming Network meeting Nov. 3-4 in Costa Mesa, CA (westcoastoceandatanetwork.eventbrite.com) and outreach strategies around this event. We also provided a number of updates around our Blog launch, Technical Assistance Survey, and Marine Debris Use Case. You can read the full call notes here. Action Items Register for the Network Meeting – westcoastoceandatanetwork.eventbrite.com Register for our blog – network.westcoastoceans.org Spread the word about the Network meeting! Our next call will be 9/24. Cheers! Continue reading →