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[News and Events] WCODP Launches New Communication Tools

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal team is pleased to announce the launch of a communication platform for the WCODN (Network.westcoastoceans.org). This enhancement will provide our community a new way to engage in Portal development, connect with one another, and stay up to date on news and events. We are actively soliciting contributions from Network partners for user stories, news and events you would like to highlight, and contributor profiles – Let us know if you have a story to tell! Please visit the site, Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Outreach Call – May 28, 2014

The Outreach Working Group met in May to discuss upcoming communication materials and events. In particular, the group provided feedback on a draft one pager designed to inform stakeholders about the Marine Debris Use Case and provide copy for the Marine Debris page in the Portal. The group also finalized the Network Technical Assistance Survey, which will be going out to the Network later this week. It will be designed to poll our Network for interest in technical support to help connect their data catalogs Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Outreach Call – April 30th 2014

The Outreach working group met to discuss current and future planned outreach events and opportunities as well as provide feedback on the development of communication tools for the West Coast Ocean Data Network. At the Network meeting in November 2013, members identified the need to have some public facing forum to connect and communicate with eachother, share ideas and best practices, document Portal activity and progress, and list upcoming events and opportunities for engagement. You can read the Network meeting summary here.  After discussions with Continue reading →