Monthly Archives: October 2015

[Working Groups] Outreach Monthly Call – Oct. 29, 2015

The Outreach Working Group met today to discuss upcoming funded work, outreach materials for sub-regional RPB meetings, and the role of the WCODP in supporting regional and sub regional marine planning activities (see below). You can read the full call notes here.  For the role discussion, the working group members focused on setting some examples of how we could support marine planning in the region. These included highlighting roles of our Network as well as those of our Infrastructure. As we learn more about the identification of Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Monthly IT Call – Oct. 23, 2015

The IT Working Group met today and developed a game plan for addressing recently funded work to scope technical steps for connecting to relevant data catalogs on the West Coast. Additionally, we discussed some techical work being conducted to connect to and a British Columbia data catalog. You can read the full call notes here. As part of our next round of work, we will be scoping steps for connecting to priority data collections and catalogs. If you have input on catalogs we should connect Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Monthly Data Call – Oct. 22, 2015

The Data Working Group met today to discuss our recent Moore Grant aimed at developing data sets to support the Regional Planning Body. The first steps of which are refining our West Coast data priorities list (see action item below). Additionally, we updated the group on our data publication schedule and recent additions to the WCODP data catalog. You can read the full call notes here.  If you have interest in helping us refine our data priorities list, please follow the link below to contribute knowledge Continue reading →

[News and Events] WCODP awarded data coordination funds from Moore Foundation

In recognition of the role of regional data coordination in supporting marine planning activities, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded the WCODP funds to support greater coordination of the West Coast Ocean Data Network with state, federal, and tribal partners and the synthesis of priority data sets. The award also includes funding to support other foundational work of the West Coast Regional Planning Body to identify sub-regional planning issues and conduct an science assessment. The West Coast Ocean Data Network working groups will Continue reading →

[WCODP ACT] Monthly Call – Oct. 6

The WCODP ACT met today and were joined by the West Coast Regional Planning Body (RPB) coordinator John Hansen who provided an update on West Coast RPB activities and progress. The WCODP ACT and Network will be focusing attention on supporting regional and subregional marine planning over the next year. This work is enabled by an award from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to support data coordination and synthesis of priority data and other foundational marine planning activities. The WCODP discussed the best way to Continue reading →