[Working Groups] Outreach Monthly Call – Oct. 29, 2015

The Outreach Working Group met today to discuss upcoming funded work, outreach materials for sub-regional RPB meetings, and the role of the WCODP in supporting regional and sub regional marine planning activities (see below). You can read the full call notes here. 

For the role discussion, the working group members focused on setting some examples of how we could support marine planning in the region. These included highlighting roles of our Network as well as those of our Infrastructure. As we learn more about the identification of sub-regions and planning needs we can tailor these roles where they fit best along or coast.

What do you think are potential roles for the WCODP in marine planning?

Network Roles in Support of Marine Planning


  • Community of practice for building tools and using data for decision-making
  • Technical help to share priority data
  • Respond to data requests and synthesize new data

WCODP Infrastructure Roles in Support of Marine Planning

  • Platform for accessing and sharing data
  • Viewing data in public forums
  • Development of planning scenarios?