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[Data Update] New West Coast Kelp Data Now Available – Feb. 17, 2016

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, and Marine Cadastre are pleased to announce the release a new, unique regional data set representing the extent of canopy forming kelp beds along the West Coast. These data include the general extents of canopy-forming kelp surveys from 1989 to 2014 and a compilation of existing data sets delineating canopy-forming kelp beds along the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California. These data provide a spatial picture of these ecologically important areas and are intended for use Continue reading →

[Data Working Group] Monthly Call June 4, 2015

The Data Working Group had their monthly call yesterday to discuss current data development activities of the Network. We got some great feedback on the closed and restricted fishery areas, kelp, and littoral cell data being developed by SoundGIS that will greatly increase the value of these data products. You can read the full call notes here.  If you are interested in participating on this exciting work group, please contact todd.r.hallenbeck@westcoastoceans.org for more information.

[WCODP ACT] Monthly Call – Jan. 6, 2015

The West Coast Ocean Data Portal Action Coordination Team met today to discuss upcoming data development and Portal enhancement priorities. You can read the full call notes here. The group confirmed data development priorities related to the creation of regional products representing closed and restricted areas of the ocean, kelp species distribution, and littoral cells. These data themes will be developed into regional products and services that will go on to help inform West Coast wide management priorities and decisions. The group also discussed and made Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Data Monthly Call – Dec. 18, 2014

The Data Working Group met yesterday and was able to identify workplan tasks that emerged from the Network meeting, prioritize data layers for development from our BOEM funding and identified the EFH synthesis layers that we want to start ingesting in our Portal (further detail below). You can read the full call notes here. Data Development Priorities (to be investigated for further development at a regional scale) Closed area inventory (broken out by sector, restriction type, and/or seasonality) Kelp Distribution (by species) Littoral Cells Essentidal Fish Continue reading →