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[Working Groups] IT, Data, and Outreach Working Group Calls – April 2016

The IT, Data, and Outreach working groups all conducted their monthly calls during the last week of April. The West Coast RPB recommendations provide a new set of tasks to focus the energy of the working groups.  However, with the recent departure of the Portal coordinator, there has also been a bit of re-grouping. The current working group leads are: IT Working Group: Tanya Haddad, Oregon Coastal Management Program Data Working Group: Jennifer Patterson, CenCOOS Outreach Working Group: Sara Guiltinan, BOEM A big thank you to our working group Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Monthly IT Call – Oct. 23, 2015

The IT Working Group met today and developed a game plan for addressing recently funded work to scope technical steps for connecting to relevant data catalogs on the West Coast. Additionally, we discussed some techical work being conducted to connect to Data.gov and a British Columbia data catalog. You can read the full call notes here. As part of our next round of work, we will be scoping steps for connecting to priority data collections and catalogs. If you have input on catalogs we should connect Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Monthly Data Call – Oct. 22, 2015

The Data Working Group met today to discuss our recent Moore Grant aimed at developing data sets to support the Regional Planning Body. The first steps of which are refining our West Coast data priorities list (see action item below). Additionally, we updated the group on our data publication schedule and recent additions to the WCODP data catalog. You can read the full call notes here.  If you have interest in helping us refine our data priorities list, please follow the link below to contribute knowledge Continue reading →

[Data Working Group] Monthly Call June 4, 2015

The Data Working Group had their monthly call yesterday to discuss current data development activities of the Network. We got some great feedback on the closed and restricted fishery areas, kelp, and littoral cell data being developed by SoundGIS that will greatly increase the value of these data products. You can read the full call notes here.  If you are interested in participating on this exciting work group, please contact todd.r.hallenbeck@westcoastoceans.org for more information.

[WCODP ACT] Monthly Call – April 7, 2015

The ACT met last week to discuss some important grant activities and funding opportunities. In particular, the group got an update on the ongoing data development project to integrate data sets related to kelp distribution, fishery closures, and littoral cells. In addition, the ACT discussed possible hosting options for the Portal. You can read the full call notes here.

[Working Groups] Data Call Jan. 22, 2015

The Data Working Group met and discussed resources for our Data Development project and provided some definitions around “Authoritative Data” for the West Coast Ocean Data Portal. You can read the full call notes here.  Data Development Project – We discussed the data priorities that will be addressed through upcoming funded work (Proposal Solicitation out now!) Data priorities include regional products related to closed and restricted areas, kelp extent and distribution, and littoral cells. If you have resources to contribute to these priority themes please add Continue reading →

[Working Groups] Data Call – Sept. 25, 2014

The Data Working Group met to discuss and provide feedback on the organization and functionality of the existing layers in the data viewer prototype. There were a number of issues that came up related to layer cartography, non-functioning layers (whoops!), and organization in the table of contents. The development team working with Point97 will be addressing some of these issues over the next couple weeks as we prepare for our launch in November. The Data Working Group also discussed providing input on how a new Continue reading →