[Contributor] Meet Tanya Haddad, Oregon Coastal Management Program

Tanya has been working with the Oregon Coastal Management Program since 2006. She oversees the Oregon Coastal Atlas and assists local governments and other state agencies with coastal program data and services. Tanya has been active in the International Coastal Atlas Community and since 2011 has been a member of the West Coast Ocean Data Portal Action Coordination Team.

In addition to serving on the ACT, Tanya has played a big role in the IT Working Group, which she now serves as leader of. In recognition of her efforts, she was awarded the first WCGA Regional Ocean Leadership award for excellence in working across state borders to help achieve the mission and objectives of the WCGA and promoting regional ocean governance.

Tanya has worked to help connect the OR Coastal Program data catalog with the West Coast Ocean Data Portal. In fact, the OR Territorial Sea Plan catalog was the first the Portal connected to. The ISO 19115 metadata is published via a standards compliant CSW enabled catalog and contains direct downloads and web services for each record. Pretty spiffy! Tanya uses Geonetwork to publish and manage her catalog, which is a popular open source catalog software.