[Working Groups] Data Call – July 23, 2014

The Data Working Group met to discuss and finalize a number of important resources the Network will use in upcoming data development projects. One was a finalization of the data prioritization list and the other was a best practice recommendation for projections and coordinate systems. You can read the full call notes here.

The data prioritization exercise sought input from states, feds, tribes, and other West Coast Ocean Data Network partners to reflect the shared needs the region has for addressing a number of ocean health issues, including marine debris, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and marine planning. It recognizes both real data gaps (i.e. no data has been collected) and functional data gaps (i.e. technical barriers to connecting data resources to the WCODP). You can get a sense of the breadth and scope of data needs by examining the list below. Are there any gaps not listed here that you would like to see the West Coast Ocean Data Network address?


Data Category Data Theme
Biological/Species and Habitats Seabird Hotspots
Biological/Species and Habitats Seabird Nesting Sites
Biological/Species and Habitats Marine Mammal Hotspots
Biological/Species and Habitats Marine Mammal Migration
Biological/Species and Habitats Marine Mammal Haulouts
Biological/Species and Habitats Kelp
Biological/Species and Habitats Seagrasses
Biological/Species and Habitats Corals and Sponges
Biological/Species and Habitats Shellfish Distribution/Hotspots
Biological/Species and Habitats Invertebrates
Biological/Species and Habitats Fish Diversity Hotpots
Biological/Species and Habitats Fish Distribution
Physical/Atmosphere Winds
Physical/Oceans Upwelling
Physical/Oceans pH
Physical/Oceans Coastal hypoxic zones
Physical/Oceans SST
Physical/Oceans Physiography
Physical/Oceans Induration
Physical/Oceans Litttoral Cells
Physical/Oceans Nearshore Bathymetry/LiDAR
Physical/Oceans Salinity
Physical/Estuaries Estuary Habitats/Characterization
Physical/Estuaries Estuarine Bathymetry
Physical/Freshwater Watershed Boundary
Human/Boundaries Counties
Human/Boundaries EEZ
Human/Boundaries Coastal Zones
Human/Boundaries Shorelines
Human/Boundaries National Marine Sanctuaries
Human/Boundaries National Parks
Human/Boundaries State Parks
Human/Boundaries Land Ownership
Human/Infrastructure Outfalls
Human/Infrastructure Storm Drains
Human/Economy Recreational Activities
Human/Economy Commercial Fishing
Human/Management Coastal Access
Human/Management Military Activities
Human/Management Essential Fish Habitat
Human/Management ESA Critical Habitat (Green Sturgeon, Leatherback Turtle, Snowy Plover, Stellar Sea Lion)
Human/Management MPAs
Human/Management MPA Reference Sites
Human/Management Shorezone
Human/Management Dredge Disposal Areas
Human/Hazards Coastal flood zones
Human/Hazards SLR + wave surge
Human/Hazards Tsunami Risk
Human/Culture and Demographics Tribal Cultural Areas/Prehistoric Sites