New ESRI book includes WCODP chapter

Esri recently published the second edition of Ocean Solutions, Earth Solutions, a book on the science of protecting oceans and coastlines, with a special emphasis on the role that GIS technology plays in this quest. The book shares the insights of ocean and coastal science researchers exploring ocean components and their relationships, patterns, and trends over time and space. More than 90 professionals and academics in fields such as oceanography, marine science, marine conservation, environmental science, coastal engineering, and marine resource management contributed to the book.

We are proud to have some of our own West Coast Ocean Data Network members listed as authors for Ocean Solutions, Earth Solutions. Our network members contributed information and materials for Chapter 9: Extending Esri Geoportal Server to Meet the Needs of the West Coast Ocean Data Network and Inform Regional Ocean Management. The chapter includes supplemental resources such as West Coast Ocean Data Sharing Best Practices and Policies, a data registry design assessment, and metadata examples.

The audience for Ocean Solutions, Earth Solutions includes professionals in oceanography and marine science and research, as well as students in those fields. Readers of both the print and e-book versions have access to an extensive digital supplement with datasets, geoprocessing workflows, GIS tools, mobile apps, story maps based on Esri Story Map apps, and Python scripts.

Ocean Solutions, Earth Solutions 2nd Edition is available as an e-book and in print, see the Esri Press website for ordering details.